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If you feel a pull towards adventure but don’t have the time or money to pull off anything huge (at least not often), this site is for you. I create a variety of posts ranging from packing lists, downloadable PowerPoints with trip itinerary ideas, and reviews/recommendations. I always include what to expect so you can prepare how you need to.

My goal is to provide you with useful, concise content that will ultimately make your afk (away from keyboard) adventure amazing!

I look and plan for easy getaways since I am limited to the weekends for my afk adventures. I focus on Washington (my home state), more specifically the western half, but once in while I pull off an international trip (usually Japan).

I started this site because I enjoy planning trips and doing research. I write everything down so I hope that sharing my notes will inspire you to get away this weekend on your own #afkadventure !

Me, myself & I

By the way, my name is Ashley but I liked to be called Ash (pronouns she/her/hers). I’m a twenty-something travel enthusiast who constantly dreams about being somewhere other than my job (although I do love it!).

harley and puddin' cuddling asleep on the bedI live with my boyfriend and two cats; their names are Joe, Harley, and Puddin’, respectively. The kitties though are known by their nicknames, which are Miss Baby & Bean (it’s a long story).

My love for traveling started when I was young. My family went to California every year to visit family and we would always go to Disneyland and have an amazing time. I want to continue experiencing what this city, state, country, continent, and world has to offer!

This website is a passion project but I am still in the research phase of how to run a good blog and website. I hope to develop these skills as well as use this site as an excuse to get outdoors and go on as many adventures as possible!

I hope you stick around and thank you for visiting!

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