My go-to away from keyboard (AFK) adventure is camping in Joe’s mom’s camper van! It’s easy to pack everything before and during the trip and Joe and I are all about easy, convenient trips.

Here’s a breakdown of how I plan these getaways.


  1. Who’s coming with you?
    • Gather their date preferences
  2. Decide which days/ how many nights.
  3. Which campground?
    • Some take reservations during certain points of the year and others are first-come-first-serve year round.
    • WA camping reservation information
    • WA online camping reservation here
      • It’s clunky but once you specify in the form what the logistics of your camping trip, it allows you to search for sites either by the location you want to camp (“On a map”), campground names (“In a list”), or by the dates you wish you camp (“on a calendar”). So fill out the form and then select one of these options.
  4. Make the reservation and print the confirmation
  5. Decide which/how many vehicle(s) you will use and who’s driving
    • This will determine how much stuff you can bring
  6. Decide on food situation with attendees
    • What’s your personal budget?
    • What’s the group’s budget?
    • What’s the menu?
    • Who’s buying what?
      • Are some meals or snacks BYO or all chip in and a few buys food for all?
    • When and where you’ll purchase the food
  7. Tally up the budget costs so far, determine cap
    • Gas
    • Campsite fees
    • Food / alcohol
  8. Determine the agenda and additional costs
    • Talk to attendees to determine if trip will be low-key or active
    • Does agenda impact budget?
      • Add costs to budget calculations
  9. Create general and clothing packing lists
  10. Coordinate schedule
    • When will you pack your luggage?
    • When will you load up the car?
    • What time are you trying to leave by?
      • Any ferries you’re trying to catch?
      • Anybody you need to pick up?
      • Does it matter what time you arrive by?
    • When are you allowed to check into your campsite?
      • check your reservation confirmation that you printed

Review and finalize with party! There you have it – the outline to a well planned camping trip.

Am I missing crucial steps? Add your camping planning tips below!


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